Our Animals

Animals raised in sync with God's design.

All our animals are rated in their natural habitats with access to fresh sunlight everyday.

A vintage hand drawn sketch of a laying hen.


A vintage hand-drawn sketch of a jersey cow.


A vintage hand-drawn sketch of a pig.


A vintage hand-drawn sketch of a duck.


A group of young Mangalitsa pigs crowded around a trough sharing a meal.

Mangalitsa Pigs

“Respecting and honoring the pigness of the pig is a foundation for societal health.” - Joel Salatin

At SWF we want to create an environment for our pigs to live the best pig life they can. Cultivating a habitat that is in sync with the way God designed them. They are rotated through our 30+ acres of mixed hardwoods and pines so that they can forage as much as possible. Besides what they can find in nature they are fed a non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free diet. The result is a marbled meat likened to that of the Wagyu of pork. The fat is the highest quality, perfect for making lard or cooking all of your food in the Mangalitsa goodness.

Rainbow Flock Laying Hens

We built a mobile chicken coop on top of a boat trailer complete with 10 nest boxes just so we could rotate our chickens behind our cows. This allows them to forage all the bugs to their hearts content which results in a deep orange yolk. A sign of a healthy egg. We call them our "rainbow flock" because we went hard with the diversity of variety of chicken and have over 20 breeds in our flock in order to deliver eggs of all colors and shade. Biodiversity is essential for a healthy farm.

A multicolored laying hen standing out among a flock of chickens
Pastured meat chickens inside a chicken tractor that is open air and on fresh grass.

Pastured Meat Chickens

We raise our meat birds on our 30 acres of pasture and rotate them onto fresh grass everyday. They get fresh bugs, fresh SWF spring water, and an organic diet. This not only creates delicious chicken but it also contributing to the overall health of the pastures by spreading the chicken manure.

Red Devon Grass Fed Cows

Red Devon, a heritage breed known for its docility and adaptability, thrives on a diet primarily composed of lush, nutrient-rich grasses. Our method emphasizes rotational grazing, allowing the cattle to graze on fresh pasture regularly, promoting both the health of the animals and the land. The process involves careful land management to ensure optimal forage growth and soil health. This approach not only enhances the quality of the meat but also aligns with environmentally conscious farming, reducing the reliance on grain-based feed. The resulting beef from grass-fed Red Devon cattle is prized for its rich marbling, distinct flavor, and nutritional profile, boasting higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients.

A grass-fed Red Devon cow looking off into the distance.
A variety flock of ducks swimming in a spring-fed pond.

Laying Ducks

Our ducks thrive in a carefully managed pond environment, allowing them to engage in natural behaviors such as swimming and foraging. Our ponds are designed for rotational use, ensuring ducks access fresh areas regularly. This method not only promotes the ducks' well-being but also contributes to water quality and ecosystem health. The result is a delicious, nutritious duck egg.