Our Land

We bought Sunny Willow Farms July of 2022, in the small East Texas town of Mount Enterprise. We've set down roots in order that we may feed our family nutritious food, raised right, and build a community that will last for generations.

An white painted entrance sign to Sunny Willow Farms surrounded by nature.
A wide shot of Sunny Willow Farms' pastures with a blue sky horizon and trees on either side.
A overhead drone shot of Sunny Willow Farms pastures overlooking the entire farm.
A drone shot from the North entrance of Sunny Willow Farms overlooking the pond and forests of the farm.
A top down drone shot of a Sunny Willow farm road.
A wide drone shot of the 1 acre pond on Sunny Willow Farms surrounded by pine trees.

"We wanted a piece of land that was a mix of piney woods and pastures to raise our animals in their natural habitats. Mount Enterprise, TX is the place. Sunny Willow Farms meat is the result."

- Mason Goss

A 100 year old historic cabin on Sunny Willow Farms surrounded by foliage.A overhead drone shot of Sunny Willow Farms pastures overlooking the entire farm.Sunny Willow Farms piney wooded area.
The Sunny Willow Farms family embracing.

Our Animals

We desire to raise a wide variety of animals in or to have a wide diversity of enterprises. Our current animal line up includes pigs, ducks, chickens, and beef cows. We hope to expand and include more biodiversity and raise lamb, goats, dairy cows.

Meishan piglets exploring the farm.
A cute Meishan pig with floppy ears.
Mangalitsa pigs grazing in a pastured forest.
Two mangalitsa pigs rooting in the ground.
A red Mangalitsa pig rooting in the dirt.

All of our animals are raised in the natural habitats. The numerous problems that our modern food system has produced comes from the monstrosity that is industrial farming. In the industrial system, animals are raised in confinement, receiving no sunlight, and being injected with a slurry of chemicals just to be sustained until they make it to the butcher. No wonder we have only become sicker as a nation. At Sunny Willow Farms, we take care of our animals and raise them in sync with the way that God designed them. No antibiotics, plenty of forage, fresh air, fresh spring water, happy, healthy animals.

Our Products

We know that if we raise our animals right, they will do right by us and deliver us a fantastic quality product. You can taste the difference and your body feels better after you eat a regeneratively raised animal. There is nothing in the grocery store that compares.

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