Meishan piglets exploring the farm.

Breeders and Feeders

We have litters of the following pigs multiple times a year:
• Pure bred Mangalitsas
• Registered pure bred Meishans
• Hobbits (50% Berkshire/50% Mangalitsa)
• Black Beauties (50% Berkshire/50% Meishan)

Email us to check for availability.
Drawing of a Mangalitsa sow and her piglets.Sketched outline of a Meishan pig.
Our pigs are never vaccinated or given antibiotics.
Our pigs are fed corn-free, soy-free, non-GMO feed and only drink clean filtered spring water from the natural springs right here on Sunny Willow farms.
We rotate our pigs regularly through our 35 acres of forest so they get fresh forage daily and stay clean, healthy, and free of disease.
Our breeding sows and boars come from old-line heritage stock that were not effected by the great genetic contamination of the 80s-90s.
Our pigs are raised for their exceptional fat quality. Finish times are slower than commercial breeds, but the extra time allows for a mouthwatering marbled pork and pure white lard as a result.